Sunday 28 August 2011

Sustainable Peace Trail and work in townships, South Africa - May 2011

Here are a few images of work with the Sustainable Peace Network both in the Mfolozi Wilderness as well as on projects in African and 'Coloured'  townships around Stellenbosch and Cape Town and with post-apartheid initiatives with participants from all of South Africa's diverse communities 
The Sustainable Peace Trail in the Mfolozi Wilderness helps to build sustainable relationships between victims/survivors, ex-combatants and others affected by the violent troubles on the islands of Ireland and Britain. The role of the wilderness and the nature based activities enhance the cultivation of a growing network of leaders in sustainable peace.

Facing fears, shared vulnerability, defusing tensions, connecting with others -with self - with invitation to broaden and deepen our understanding of peace

Potential danger

Sipho and Mandla, our Zulu guides and co-leaders had much to teach about
survival, ukusibenza ndawone (cooperation), hlonipha (respect)
and ... when to take cover


Kayamandi and Nyanga

A Kayamandi township shack home. This log shack is sturdier than the more
common make-shift tin and corrugated iron shack
but no less safe from the constant threat of fire.

Working with the 'under-fives' in Kayamandi township

 As well as learning social skills and creative play these children      .        also get that all-important daily meal at this community-run    .                                                    township nursery

Ever hopeful and full of life, this little boy is
 unaware that his life is more deprived than
it should be.

Children dancing the township 'Kwaito' at the Amy Biehl Foundation, Nyanga Township, Cape Town.